Ethnotek – Case Study
Identity& Web Design

The brief consisted in create a new identity for a startup. I realized a new dynamic identity and designed a new website for Ethnotek.


The Brand
Ethnotek is a social enterprise that collaborates with artisans from different countries with the aim to combine traditional handmaid textiles with functional travel bags and accessories. All Ethnotek bags are proudly and responsibly made in Vietnam.



Logo Redesign
The concept behind the logo is the vision of connecting people from all over the world through a thread. Buying at Ethnotek means becoming part of a family, which is a typical aspiration for travelers and backpackers.

This is visually translated into the backpack’s threads: they can be combined in many different ways (as the brand sells unique hand made products). The thread is also the symbol that keeps connected all the communities and cultures involved in the project.

The mark of the brand communicates the principal values of the start-up: family, inclusion, union and diversity. To realize the new mark I started from the shape of a loom and then I rotated it to give it a dynamic element. From this basic shape I then realized different icons with different meanings. The mark can be used for visual communications but also it is perfect to be embroidered on the products.

Red, Yellow and Green are the colors chosen to sum up the colors of the different flags of the countries involved in the projects: Ghana, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and Guatemala.


Web Design
The new website has been designed to accomplish two goals. Increase selling and improve brand awareness. The section dedicated to the shop has been organized to allow clients to shop by category, collection, or by browsing new products.

Product Pages are made to provide the customer with all the information he needs to purchase the item: dimensions, reviews, characteristics.

Brand awareness is important for a start up, so I dedicated a special section to give more information about the brand and its values. Visitors can learn more about Ethnotek culture and vision. Seeing where the product is made and who the artisans are can involve emotionally the customer.


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